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Taste Of Africa Street Party At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Starting on July 9th a new feature was added to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It is called the Taste Of Africa Street Party and it is a wonderful addition to the park and hopefully it will last longer than its initial trial status.

Taste of Africa Street Party
Immediately following Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade each afternoon the village of Harambe in the Africa section of Disney's Animal Kingdom becomes transformed into the Taste Of Africa Street Party.  The party consists of music, food, drink, demonstrations, and special merchandise.

Carts are moved into the village with merchandise and demonstration items.  Quickly Harambe is prepared and the street party begins.

A DJ kicks off the festivities by playing music from his rooftop perch and a live band also plays.

You can check out the curry fire pit, where you learn how herbs and spices are prepared to make curried dishes.

There was also an interesting demonstration showing how sugar cane is crushed to get the sugary liquid out of it.

There are also several merchants showing merchandise that is only available during the street party.

The above map shows all of the special stations that are set up throughout Harambe for the Taste of Africa Street Party.

Reason To Stay At Disney's Animal Kingdom
The Taste of Africa Street Party is certainly a reason to extend your stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Like many others, I had gotten into the pattern of leaving the Animal Kingdom in the early afternoon, usually due to a dinner reservation elsewhere on the Walt Disney World property.

By staying to see the Taste of Africa Street Party, I saw Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade for the first time in years and was reminded of how enjoyable it was to see.

The Street Party itself was certainly like a small version of the Food & Wine Festival as advertised.  Over the next two posts, I will show pictures and discuss the Food and Drink options that are available to sample.

All in all this is a great event and I hope it continues past the initial trial!

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