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Star Tours - Last Tour To Endor Event

On August 14th Disney World, in conjunction with Star Wars Celebration V, will hold a first of its kind decommissioning party for Star Tours in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

The party will be called: Last Tour to Endor. This is a special event on the Saturday night of Star Wars Celebration VTHE official Lucasfilm fan convention and the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy!

Last Tour to Endor
The Last Tour to Endor is a special after hours, hard ticket event (meaning you must purchase a special ticket to attend), that will be held in Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 14th from 8:00 pm until 1:00 am.

The event will be a one of a kind entertainment experience featuring:

• Specially themed intergalactic party zones
• Star Wars Shows
• Death Star Disco
• Symphony In The Stars – Special Star Wars fireworks spectacular.

Although the official party doesn't start until 8:00 pm, Last Tour To Endor ticket holders will be allowed to enter Hollywood Studios at 4:00 pm in order to make sure that they are able to be one of the last to ride Star Tours as it exists today before it is shut down for the reimagineering of the attraction.

Tickets cost $75 per person for this one time event.  You may get more information about tickets at: www.starwarscelebration.com/Disney

Star Tours
Star Tours first opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Dec. 15th, 1989.  After over 20 years of RX-24 (Rex) transporting Disney World guests on the StarSpeeder 3000, the attraction is scheduled for a major redesign.  This was announced last year during the D23 Expo. 

The new experience will be in 3-D, an all new ride that includes many of the new worlds and elements from the more recent Star Wars movies. Fans have been teased with a Disney Real-D 3-D clip that threw the Starspeeder 3000 into the thick of the Boonta Eve Podrace.

It looks now that the shut down date for Star Tours will happen on Sept. 8th and will remain down until some time in 2011 when all of the changes have been put in place.

Although I am very much looking forward to the new and improved Star Tours, I am excited by this high profile send-off for the old version of this great Star Wars themed attraction.

Celebration V
For more information about the Star Wars Fan Event: Celebration V that will be taking place in Orlando, FL August 12 - 15 visit: http://www.starwarscelebration.com/

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