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A Rainy Day At Disney World Means A Great Day To Visit The Magic Kingdom

Rain is a common occurrance in Florida, especially during the summer months, so don't let it ruin your Walt Disney World vacation.  If you plan properly, the rain could be your best friend when it comes to getting to have some of the most popular attractions to yourself.

Visit The Magic Kingdom On Rainy Days
The Magic Kingdom may be the best theme park of the four Disney World Parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, & Disney's Animal Kingdom) to choose to visit on a rainy day.  A high percentage of the attractions are inside and the distance between attractions is shorter than the other parks.

Since the Magic Kingdom is typically the busiest Disney World Park, you may also get the benefit of shorter lines than you would otherwise see.

On Monday March 29th, it was predicted to be a very busy day at the Disney World Parks.  With Spring Break season in full swing and Easter coming at the end of the week, each day of that week garnered a 9 or 10 out of 10 on TouringPlans.com (The official website for The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World) Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar.

Even though it was rainy that morning, instead of sleeping in my family got to the Magic Kingdom a little after 8:00 AM (It had actually opened at 7:00 AM with Extra Magic Hours that morning).

Our reward was a virtually empty Magic Kingdom.  We were able to walk on to Space Mountain, which maintained a 120 minute + wait during the week in the afternoons and evenings.

Arriving at a Disney Park at opening is typcially rewarded with short wait times for the most popular attractions.  When you combine this with rain the benefit is even greater. 

If you dress properly and bring umbrellas or ponchos you can still stay dry and enjoy the day.

Fortunately most rains in Florida are short lived and do not last all day.  Once they move on the sun comes out and so do the crowds.  On this same day the Magic Kingdom started to look like it was expected to by the early afternoon.

That is why the "smart" Disney World visitor will take advantage of the rainy days and ride the rides that they want to without having to spend their precious vacation days waiting in lines.

Don't Spend Two Hours In Line To Ride Your Favorite Attraction
Don't spend two hours in lines waiting to ride your favorite Disney World Attractions.  Actually I wouldn't recommend spending over 20 minutes in line.

After spending 7 days at "peak" Disney World crowds levels, I can confidently say that you really can see the attractions that you want without spending hours in line.

Top Disney World Parks Crowd Busting Tips
  • Remember that arriving at park opening is the single most important key to avoiding long waits.
  • Don't let rain keep you from visiting the parks.  Be prepared with umbrellas and ponchos.
  • Make use of the Disney World FastPasses.
  • If you absolutely want to see/ride an attraction, do it first so that you don't miss out on it.
  • Build in a "flexible day" in your vacation plan to go back to the park that you still have attractions to see.

3 comments to "A Rainy Day At Disney World Means A Great Day To Visit The Magic Kingdom"

  1. Gray says:

    This is really great advice. Just make sure you bring extra dry clothes and shoes and be prepared to get a little wet. It's worth it to have a less crowded park!

  2. Gray - Thanks for the comment! Thanks also for the good advice, being prepared for the wet weather makes all of the difference.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sandals or Crocs work great for rain, since you can slosh through puddles and your feet will dry out when the weather improves. Socks and regular shoes will need back ups, and also if you are a tall guy remember standard ponchos can ride up a little as you walk at the bottom so shorts with deep pockets may get wet at the bottom including what's in the pockets.

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