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In Search Of A New Favorite Disney World Snack

I have just returned from a week at Disney World.  Just prior to my trip I had heard that my favorite Disney World Dining Plan Snack: the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at Dino-Bite Snacks in Disney's Animal Kingdom was no longer available for a snack credit.

This was crushing news.  For a person that really looks forward to their Disney World Vacations and the food that they are going to enjoy, it was disheartening to know that my favorite snack could not be obtained with a Dining Plan Snack Credit.

As you can see in the picture taken this week of the menu board at Dino-Bite Snacks, the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is still offered, but the snack credit symbol has been removed.

Part of the fun of the Disney Dining Plan is seeing what you can get with your credits. 

The Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Quest
During this past week, we had 3 of us using the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan for 6 nights.  That was a total of 36 snack credits (3 people X 2 credits/day X 6 days) at our disposal.

It became our quest to find new snack items that can be obtained with the Dining Plan Snack Credits.  We visited all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom, & Disney's Hollywood Studios) as part of our quest.

It was also part of our desire to not spend any money OOP (out of pocket) for food on this trip, so we used the snack credits for breakfast items, as well as, true snack items throughout the days.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
Just before midnight on our last night as we were using our last snack credit of the trip on a very tasty, warm cinnamon roll at the Main St. Bakery (highly recommended for breakfast or a late night snack), I snapped this picture.

If you look closely the placard for the ice cream cookie sandwich still has a Dining Plan Snack Symbol next to it.  So if you still want to enjoy this tremendous treat, it appears that it can still be obtained at the Main St. Bakery in the Magic Kingdom for 1 snack credit.

Stay Tuned For Disney World Snack Quest Details
Over the next several days I will be posting about the wonderful snacks that we tried and enjoyed.  I am happy to say that there is no shortages of great choices for snack that can still be obtained with a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit.

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  1. AJ says:

    Boo, hiss to the sandwich no longer being snack-credit-worthy! Looking forward to seeing some of the delicious snacks you guys tried!

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