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Disney World Dining: Cooke's Of Dublin

The Walt Disney World Resort has many great Quick Service Dining locations throughout the resort when you are looking for something beyond hamburgers or pizza. Cooke’s Of Dublin located in Downtown Disney is one of the best.

Nestled on the back of the building that houses Raglan Road, Cooke’s Of Dublin does not get a lot of fanfare, but it should. This relatively small quick service dining location, participates on the Disney Dining Plan, has great food, and is certainly worth the effort to seek it out.
Cooke’s Of Dublin Mission Statement

For lack of a better term, Cooke’s Of Dublin places its Mission Statement on a large sign, front and center for all to see, above the counter where you place your order.

It declares that:

• We take the freshest of fish only. Daily. We coat it in our special light batter. A family secret for generations.
• Our potato-chips are natural and fresh-cut. The way that fries (chips) started out.
• We cook our ingredients in only the purest of oils to serve up what we believe to be the very best fish & chips you can buy.
• Our food is cooked almost-to-order. The way it should be. It may take a few moments longer, but we believe it is well worth the wait.
• We bake our famous Dublin-style pies from scratch daily.
• And we serve up our unique “Doh-Bars” - melted candy bars covered in our secret dough. You won’t find them anywhere else!
• We do things the same way we did back in the 1930’s. It is the Cooke family way. Highest standards. No Compromises. Ever.

Cooke’s Of Dublin Menu

Here is a look at the regular and the Kid’s menu:

On the menu you will find a variety of Fried Seafood Choices: Fish, Scallops, & Shrimp.  They have their Dublin Style Pies in 3 varieties: Chicken and Field Mushroom, Beef and Lamb, & Fisherman's Pie.  You will also find Irish Sausags, Chicken Tenders, Whiskey Chicken Wings, and fresh Salads.

For the Kid's Menu they feature the same items: Fish, Shrimp, Chicken tenders, and Sausages in smaller portions.

The Real Test - Tasting The Food
The signature dish is the “Original One & One” which is fish and chips (pictured below). During our recent visit we had to give it a try. The fish was incredible. It may very well be the best fish and chips I have ever had. The fish was hot and stayed that way throughout the meal. It was extremely tasty and the batter was perfect. They also feature a homemade tartar sauce to go with it.

I would highly recommend this to anyone!

My daughter decided to try one of their Dublin-style pies. She chose the Beef and Lamb Pie and was extremely happy that she did.

As you can see in the picture below the pie is covered in a pastry crust. Inside there was mashed potatoes, ground beef and lamb, and carrots. She thoroughly enjoyed it and again would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

For dessert we tried the Cooke’s of Dublin famous “Doh-Bars.” (pictured below) They were battered Snickers bars that were then deep fried. I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy it or not, but I have to say that it was incredible. The melted, gooey mess that the chocolate and other parts of the Snickers bar had become inside the battered covering was wonderful.

You cannot believe how good it is until you try it for yourself.

Disney Dining Plan
Since Cooke’s of Dublin participates on the Disney Dining Plan, my family was able to have a thoroughly enjoyable meal for just one Quick Service Dining Credit each.

The variety of the menu, the quality of the food, and the unique dessert choice makes this one of the best Disney Dining Plan Quick Service locations in all of Disney World. It is definitely now in my top 5!

Strongly Recommend!
Although you do have to wait a little bit to get your order, the resulting fresh, hot food is more than worth the wait. It also gets crowded, but the lines move relatively quickly.

When Dining at Disney World, don’t settle for the ordinary theme park fare, take advantage of the great choices that are presented like Cooke’s of Dublin. We would highly recommend Cooke’s of Dublin as a Quick Service Dining choice. You will not be disappointed.

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