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Flame Tree Barbecue Offers Much More Than Great Food At Disney's Animal Kingdom

When it comes to Quick Service Dining locations at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park the Flame Tree Barbecue should be at the top of your list.

This centrally located restaurant that you can find on your way to Dinoland, has a great menu for fans of barbecued food.  Here you will find on the menu: 1/2 slab of St. Louis Ribs, 1/2 Barbecued Chicken, BBQ Pork Sandwich, Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich, & BBQ Chicken Salad.

If you are using the Disney Dining Plan, you are looking at a virtual feast for your family, all for one Quick Service Dining Credit per person.

This picture shows what a family of four could get using the Disney Dining Plan or the Quick Service Dining Plan.

This is certainly a feast that could be shared, especially if this is your lunch.  This is a great way to save Dining Plan Credits so that you can use them for breakfast.

(Disney Dining Plan Tip: Share meals at Quick Service Locations that serve large portions so that you can have extra credits left over to eat Quick Service Meals for Breakfast.)

One of the great features of the Flame Tree Barbecue is the beautiful scenery that can be found in the eating areas behind the restaurant.

The pavilions are beautifully themed with the animal carvings and you can choose to sit near the courtyard or waterside on the lagoon with a view of Expedition Everest.
The great thing about this couryard and these pavilions is that even on very busy days, it appears that due to the fact that they are not visible from the main walkways, many people never even realize that they are there.  That means that they are rarely full and often your family may get nearly an entire pavilion to yourselves in which to enjoy your meal.

This really heightens the sensation of being in a tropical forest and adds to the Animal Kingdom experience.

Come For The Food Stay For The Scenery
The Flame Tree Barbecue has much to offer.  The food is very tasty.  It is one of the best values for people using the Disney Dining Plan.  The portions are large enough to share or quench that hearty appetite. 

Above all else the setting and secenery that can be found at the seating behind the restaurant is reason enough to visit the Flame Tree Barbecue.  It is a place where you can escape, relax, and enjoy your meal and your day at Disney World.

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  1. man that is alot of food for 1 quick credit! mmm i can taste the ribs now

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