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Iconic Views Of The Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort is a photographer's dream.  Even an amateur can come home with amazing photographs taken at Disney World.

Today we want to take a look at the most photographed features of each of the 4 Disney World theme parks.  In each park, one structure is deemed the iconic figure.  These icons receive the lion's share of attention and always garner photographic attention.

For each of the four icons we will chose a pose that you may not have in your collection, but still shows off the icon's good side.

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle not only is the icon for the Magic Kingdom, but it is also representative of all of Disney World.  The castle has gone through numerous transformations throughout the years in an attempt to "dress it up" for one celebration or another.  Despite the external changes, the iconic shape and silhouette that we all know and love remain.

The recent addition of over 200,000 LED lights to prepare it for the Christmas holidays creates a striking image.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Sorceror Mickey's Hat
At Disney's Hollywood Studios resides probably the most controversial of the 4 park icons.  Sorceror Mickey's Hat was not there at the beginning.  The initial icon was actually the Earful Tower.  The Mickey shaped water tower still resides in the park today, yet it was supplanted as the icon for the park in 2001.

The 122 foot high Sorceror Mickey's Hat dominates the view as you enter Hollywood Studios.  Love it or hate it, Sorceror Mickey's Hat shows off its best side at night, which is when this particular picture was taken.

Epcot - Spaceship Earth
As you approach Epcot you can't help but notice Spaceship Earth.  This imposing architectural feat soars 180 feet into the sky.  This geodesic sphere serves as an iconic landmark and as home to an attraction.

Because of its enormous size, Spaceship Earth can be photographed from many different angles and locations.  Whether you are entering the park or looking back from the World Showcase, the image of Spaceship earth can be found.

The picture chosen for today is an up close shot that dwarfs the moon in the sky. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom - Tree Of Life
The Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom was a masterpiece of engineering design as well.   Using part of an oil drilling rig to form its core, this 145 foot high man-made tree can withstand hurricane force winds.

The most amazing part of this icon is the detail that went into creating the 400 different animal carvings that are worked into the trunk, branches, and roots of the tree.

This is also the most difficult of the 4 icons to photograph.  The reason goes hand in hand with the design and theme of the entire Animal Kingdom Park, which is meant to blend in and be in harmony with the surroundings instead of standing out.  The Disney Imagineers have done a fabulous job of creating an icon that "stands out", yet appears perfectly at home with the surroundings.

The picture shown shows off some of the incredible detail that goes into the carvings on the Tree of Life.

Iconic Photography
During your next trip to the Walt Disney World Resort look capture more than just the standard photographs of the 4 park icons.  Take the time to look a little closer at the amazing detail and stories that each of these icons present. If you do, you'll have beautiful photographs to treasure well beyond the time of your vacation.

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  1. It's interesting how unphotogenic the icon of Animal Kingdom is. It's hard to get a good picture of it, where all of the other park icon take great photos.

    PS. Thanks for the pics.

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