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Hidden Mickeys At The Disney Boardwalk Villas

A favorite activity for frequent Disney World visitors is to discover some of the hundreds of Hidden Mickeys that are purposely designed in to the decorations, carpets, artwork, and attractions.

A Hidden Mickey is a likeness of Mickey Mouse or the characteristic circle with two adjoining "ear" circles hidden by Disney Imagineers in the artwork or theming of the Parks, rides, attractions, or resorts.
Sometimes Hidden Mickeys Are Right At Your Feet!
During a recent trip to the Boardwalk Villas the following Hidden Mickeys were discovered in the carpeting.

The first two were discovered in a recently remodeled wing, that had a carpet designed to show off the fun elements of the Boardwalk.

See if you can see the classic Mickey head and ears in these pictures.

This next picture was taken of the carpet within the resort room.  Here a simple classic Mickey head and ears outline is worked into the design.  Easily overlooked if you aren't looking for it.

The last pictures are taken from the hallways just outside of the elevators in the Boardwalk Villas.  Here can be found a couple of different classic Mickey head and ears, along with some other less often seen "Hidden" Disney characters

Notice the Hidden Goofy in this picture.
This is a picture of a Hidden Donald.
A different type of Hidden Mickey, but similar to the representation of the other characters in the carpet.  this would be much tougher to distinguish if the other characters were not also included.
Finally a Hidden Minnie can be spotted in this carpet.

You can't really discuss Hidden Mickeys without bringing up Steven M. Barrett. Steven is considered to be the expert on the topic of Hidden Mickeys and he has an excellent book called "Hidden Mickeys - A Field Guide To Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets."

If you find that you enjoy finding the hidden Mickeys and other Hidden Disney characters try picking up Steven's book to get started.  It provides insights and clues to help you with your searching. It is a great reference to bring along with you on a trip to add new excitement to attractions you have been on many times before. You will start to notice things that you never knew existed, even though they have been right in front of you the whole time.

Steven also has a website at: http://www.hiddenmickeysguide.com/ that you can check out for more information about Hidden Mickeys. He is really considered the authority on the topic.

Even the seasoned Disney World veterans can discover new details and hidden treasures that they've never noticed before.  It all adds to the fun and enjoyment of visiting Disney World.

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