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Final Weekend For 14th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

As the 14th Annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival comes to a close this weekend, I wanted to write one last article about the festival.

The Food & Wine Festival is certainly one of the most anticipated events at Disney World each year. The festival runs for 6 weeks and then all of the special kiosks assembled around the World Showcase are dismantled and put away until next year.

Each year the construction of the kiosks appears to be more elaborate and impressive.  The design of each is unique with the architecture attempting to evoke a feeling of the host city or region.  You have to remember that these are all temporary structures which makes this all the more impressive for the 27 or so kiosks that were part of this year's festival.

Here are several of the kiosks at this year's festival:

We start with Montreal, Canada - Home of the famous Cheddar Cheese soup.

Next is Athens, Greece.  You can see the stark change in architecture from the Canadian kiosk.

The kiosk from San Juan, Puerto Rico not only has the unique building features it also showcases a major crop, the sugar cane growing in front of the kiosk.
The building for Mexico City, Mexico may be the most impressive of them all.  The tile work on the wall is very impressive.  Hard to believe they will be tearing this down in just a couple of days.

With its wooden panels and tile roof the building for Shanghai, China is very impressive.
Bangkok, Thailand has a unique roofline that makes you think of the orient even before you read the sign.

The kiosk for Melbourne, Australia was very intersting and certainly caught your eye as you walked past.

There was an exotic feel to the kiosk for Marrakesh, Morocco.  When you walked past this kiosk there were some of the best smells as the spiced beef that they were preparing smelled incredible.  That is certainly one of my vivid memories from this year's festival.

If you attended this year's festival, then this brief glimpse of some of the most interesting kiosks should have you longing to return.  If you have never attended the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival you should definitely put it on your list of things to do in the future.  It is a wonderful event and it creates lasting memories.  This is the ultimate Disney Event for Adults and bring out the best for Disney food lovers as well.

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