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Disney World Christmas Trees Show Off Unique Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.  The decorations that the Disney Cast Members set up each year are amazing.

Did you know that each year there are 737 decorated Christmas trees at the Walt Disney World Resort?

Today two of the more unique trees are featured.

Toys On The Tree
The first was set up in Downtown Disney outside of the Once Upon A Toy store.  Taking the toy theme and running with it, this tree is decorated with giant versions of classic children's games and toys.  This may be one of the few times that you will see the toys on the tree instead of under it!

You can see: Mr. Potato Head, the barrel of monkeys, Scrabble pieces, PlayDoh, Light Brite, dump trucks, and much more.

This tree certainly evokes toy store and memories of the classic toys from my childhood.

Capturing the Spirit of the Animal Kingdom

Maybe the best done tree in all of Disney World is the giant one at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom theme park.

Disney has found a great way to combine Christmas season with the spirit of the Animal Kingdom. This tree is filled with Animal carvings and masks.  It fits the feel and look of the Animal Kingdom.  Even the non-animal decorations blend well with the African theme of the tree.  It is simple yet beautiful.

Decorated For Christmas
If you are able to visit Disney World this Christmas Holiday Season, take the time to notice the decorations that adorn the remarkable trees that you will see.  Each one is unique and most have special decorations that tie them specifically to the location that they are found.

The staff at Disney World has done a great job making the extra effort to make each tree special. Although the trees don't get the same recognition as the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the Candlelight Processional, or the Osborne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights, they certainly make a large contribution to the Christmas experience at Disney World.

Although there are a lot of decorations (150 tractor-trailer truckloads that are used each year), it is the attention to detail and special touches that make these trees and a Disney World Christmas vacation memorable.

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