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Capturing Some Fleeting Disney World Magic

Disney World is a magical place. 

The magic surrounds you as you walk through the parks and resorts at Disney World.  From the details put in place to add to the richness of the stories and the experiences, to the extra attention that a cast member pays to a young child, you can find all kinds of Disney Magic.

Most of the magic is permanently ingrained to the structure of the parks, but other magic is more fleeting in nature.  It is there for a moment for all to enjoy and then gone forever.

The water art that cast members paint onto the Disney World sidewalks is one type of this fleeting magic.  Armed with a bucket of water and a broom, cast members can create magical images of Mickey and Minnie and other Disney Characters.

They don't draw attention to themselves as they do it.  They just quietly create the magic and then move on.  Those lucky enough to witness the magic, have yet another keepsake memory to take home from their vacation.

Capturing these water art images in pictures is a rare event.  You truly have to be in the right place at the right time and snap the picture before the image fades away.

Here is some magic that I have been fortunate enough to capture and share.

The first 2 pictures, showing Mickey and Minnie were discovered in Tomorrowland of the Magic Kingdom.  It was after midnight and I just happened to notice them in an area between the Buzz Lightyear FastPass station and the entrance to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.  Totally unexpected that late at night and in that location.

The last picture was taken after watching the cast member create the Mickey image on Main St. in the Magic Kingdom on a sunny morning.

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