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Ride Along With Us As We Tackle Disney's Expedition Everest

Disney World's newest roller coaster, Expedition Everest, is considered by many to be its best.

Expedition Everest certainly gives Disney's Animal Kingdom the signature E-Ticket attraction that it was lacking.

For those of you that have never experienced Expedition Everest, or those who cherished the memories of your last ride, here are some pictures taken while riding this incredibly themed roller coaster.

The Experience
The ride vehicle is designed to allow the guest to "believe" that they are traveling through the mountains on an old train.

You get a great view of what is to come when you make your grand ascent.

You are also reminded, and warned, that this is sacred Yeti territory. Coming here is not recommended by the locals who know to fear the yeti.
At the ride's highest point you come to a complete stop. Apparently the Yeti has ripped out the track, so you will not be able to go any further.

After a significant pause at the top, you start going backwards down the mountain.

This is probably the most thrilling part of the ride and you will swear that you go upside down during the high speeds turns, but you do not.

The train comes under control and stops somewhere deep inside the mountain, you will see the shadow of the Yeti. Then it is time to race forwards down the rest of the mountain.

Almost at the end you will get to see the infamous Yeti and he is not too happy to see you.
The last picture shows the train safely near the end getting ready to return to the station.

This is a truly thrilling attraction that is incredibly themed. It will not rank as the fastest, most thrilling roller coaster in the country, but it will rank for a great ride experience.
The Disney Imagineers hit a home run with their detailed storytelling and exciting ride experience.
This is certainly an attraction that you will want to ride again and again.

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