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Capturing Cars In Mid Flight At Disney's Lights, Motors, Action!

One of the great things to do at Disney World is take pictures.

You can never take enough pictures during your Disney World vacations. With all of the colorful backdrops and scenery it isn't hard for even an amateur photographer to get some memorable shots.

Today's blog post takes a look at the attempt to step my photographic game up a notch and capture some cool action shots at the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show found at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Lights, Motors, Action! is a show that has been brought to Disney World after being very successful at Disneyland Paris. It involves high speed car chases and exciting action on a reasonably small outdoor set. The premise of the attraction is to get to see the car chases performed live and see how they translate into movie footage.

The Challenge
With all of the exciting car chases and explosions, my goal was to capture the cars in mid flight and have the picture turn out.

Fortunately during the show there are several opportunities to capture cars as they fly off of ramps before they land safely.

I set my camera on the sports/action setting and set out to catch some flying cars!

During this first shot I missed the lead car going over the ramp, but I successfully captured the chase car in mid flight. During this stunt the drivers have very little space to slow down after the complete their landing or they will crash into the side of the set.

During the next shot I was successful in catching the hero's red car as it flies towards the the top of the truck and then down to the hidden airbag to complete the stunt. Amazing that they can land the cars on the airbags and bring them to a controlled stop.

For a change of pace, this picture catches not one, but two motorcycles in the air at once coming off of the ramps. If you notice the giant video screen in the background, it describes the name of the stunt in each picture.

For the finale, the hero's car is seen flying off of a ramp through the flames and towards the audience's seating area. You can feel the heat of the flames when they shoot up into the air. I'm especially proud of being able to get the car centered in the middle of its flight and all of the surrounding flames.

Never Enough Pictures
As mentioned before, you can never take enough pictures while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. you are constantly surrounded by perfect photo opportunities. Take advantage of the digital camera technology and take lots! (or at least until your family drags you away and says "Enough!"

Remember there is more to take pictures of besides Cinderella's Castle and Spaceship Earth. The live shows provide some get opportunities to practice your action shots. Who knows? You too may start catching flying cars.

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