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Tribute To Legendary Dragon Slayer In Epcot Gemany

Disney World has many different dragons represented from the playful Figment to Mulan's Mushu, but there is only one Dragon Slayer that is immortalized in Epcot.

In the platz, or plaza, of Epcot's Germany Pavilion you will find a tribute to the most famous Dragon Slayer of them all, St. George.

The statue of St. George shows him in the act of slaying the dragon as told in the legends.

As the story goes, a dragon was tormenting a town in Libya. It first demanded to be given two sheep each day to keep it from destroying the town.

When the sheep were all gone it next demanded that one child to be given to it each day. So each day a child was chosen by lottery to be sacrificed to the dragon.

When the king's daughter, the princess, was chosen by lottery she too was to be sacrificed to the dragon. She was then dressed all in white and brought outside the city walls to await her fate.

Along came a knight named George from another land, and he saw the princess outside the city walls. She begged him to flee so that dragon would not harm him, but instead he chose to bravely face the dragon.

An epic battle ensued, and George fought valiantly and slayed the vile dragon that had killed so many of the townspeople.

St. George, as he become known, is considered to be the patron saint of soldiers and his statue is considered to be a symbol of protection. Almost all villages in Germany have a statue paying tribute to St. George.

The one in Epcot is patterned somewhat after the statue in Rothenburg, pictured here.

The Disney World Imagineers used elements of German legends, culture, and history to create what you see in the Epcot Germany Pavilion.

The World Showcase in Epcot provides many similar opportunities to learn about the culture and histories of the other countries represented. Take the time to notice the details and don't be afraid to ask the Cast Members questions.

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