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Only WDWorld's Top 7 Quick Service Restaurants For The Disney Dining Plan

With the popularity of the Disney Dining Plans and the Free Dining promotions, now more than ever people want to know: "Where are the best places to eat in Disney World?"

Only WDWorld has compiled a list of the Top 7 Quick Service restaurants. These 7 serve great tasting food and provide great value to those who use the Disney Dining Plans, whether it is the basic Disney Dining Plan or the newer Quick Service Dining Plan.

Without further ado, here are the Top 7 in reverse order:

7. Toy Story Pizza Planet - Hollywood Studios. This is the best of the choices available in Hollywood Studios. You can get a pizza, salad, dessert, and drink with one quick service credit. The dining area is air conditioned, but can get very noisy and crowded. This made the list, because you have to eat somewhere at Hollywood Studios.

6. Mara - Animal Kingdom Lodge. 6th place really goes to all of the resort food courts and counter service restaurants. Mara gets top billing in the group, due to its great range of menu selections and the incredible zebra domes that are available for the dessert. Most of the resort quick service options provide a great value for your quick service credit.

5. Tangierine Cafe - Morocco in the World Showcase in Epcot. This is the best of the World Showcase Quick Service Options. The Moroccan dishes are very tasty and the portions are large. Definitely a place to try on your next visit to Epcot.

4. Flame Tree Barbecue - Animal Kingdom. This unassuming Quick Service restaurant found as you are heading towards Dinoland serves great Barbecue options and large portions. There is an unbelievable amount of seating available nearby that has wonderful views. Since Tusker House has changed over to a Table Service buffet, this is definitely the best Quick Service option at the Animal Kingdom with the Yak & Yeti counter service coming in 2nd.

3. Sunshine Seasons - Located in the Land Pavilion in Epcot. This cafeteria style quick service restaurant that fills the space between Soarin' and Living with the Land, probably does not get the credit it deserves. The station concept provides a wide variety of food options including grilled salmon and rotisserie pork chop. The dessert selection is the best of all of the quick service choice.

2. Cosmic Ray's - Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. This is the best quick service option in Disney World's busiest park. Cosmic Ray's has a great number of options including barbecue chicken and ribs. You can definitely gets your money's worth by using your quick service credits here.

1. Wolfgang Puck Express, Downtown Disney. Located in the Marketplace section of Downtown Disney, this is absolutely the best quick service location in all of Disney World. The menu includes such choices as: Hand Tossed Rotisserie Beef Salad, Chicken Pesto Focaccia Sandwich, Rigatoni with Chicken Bolognese, and much more. The food and the service is excellent. Also, you can have creme brulee for dessert if you wish. All these choices and still only 1 quick service dining credit.


Just because you are eating Quick Service does not mean that you have to settle for a burger. There is much more than your typical theme park food to be had at Disney World. During you next trip make sure that your try Only WDWorld's Top 7 Quick Service Restaurants. Your stomach will thank you.

2 comments to "Only WDWorld's Top 7 Quick Service Restaurants For The Disney Dining Plan"

  1. I love Cosmic Rays! I think the food is pretty good and has the most convenient location. When we first checked into the Grand Floridian last May our room wasn't ready so we just hopped over there for a quick bite before settling in.

    Also, the luxury resorts, like Grand Floridian, usually have really awesome quick service places too. I'm surprised any of them weren't on the list.

  2. Jacqueline - Thank you for the comment.

    We choose Mara at #6 to represent the Resort Quick Service restaurants, especially the ones at the Deluxe Resorts, like Mara.

    They usually have very good food choices and represent a great value for your Quick Quick Service dining credit.

    Since most people will not be travelling to multiple resorts just for the Quick Service Dining we made the choice to include only one resort QS location in the Top 7.

    Great comment, we appreciate the feedback!

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