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Kid's Eye View of Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon

Madison, our intrepid 10 year old reporter is back again to share her experiences of the Walt Disney World Resort as only she can.

Today, as the weather is heating up, she takes us to Typhoon Lagoon, one of two sensational Disney World water parks.

Take it away Madison!

Hi, I'm back and this week I'm going to tell you about Typhoon Lagoon, the most fun water park in the world!

Let's start with my favorite ride, Crush 'n Gusher. This ride is the closest you will ever get to a roller coaster in a water park. There are three different tracks the Banana Blaster,Coconut Crusher, and Pineapple Plunger.

I went on the Banana Blaster with my dad and brother and boy am I glad I hadn't eaten lunch yet. It was awesome! It was a raft, but it felt like a roller coaster car. You can go up to 35 mph. This is definitely something that you need to try for yourself.

Now on to a more relaxing ride, Castaway Creek, or what I like to call the lazy river ride. Now this isn't your normal five minute ride. This river is 2100 ft long and takes 45 minutes to go in a complete circle. Oh, and if you want entertainment, just look anywhere because there's always beautiful birds to see. This is the longest lazy river ever.

I'm running out of time so I can't tell you much, but Typhoon Lagoon also has a giant wave pool, lots of water slides, and a chance to snorkel with real sharks. I haven't really figured out how to breath with the snorkel, but it is pretty cool that you can do that here.

Now on to the last and final attraction: food! My family was taking a break when my dad said he would be right back and left. When he came back he was carrying a bucket, and in the bucket was a giant sundae!

The sundae has chocolate and vanilla ice cream, waffle cone pieces, cookie pieces, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. It was called the Garbage Pail and it was definitely big enough to share.

Sadly my day finally came to an end and so does my article. Bye.

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  1. Another great article Madison. I remember our fun day at Typhoon Lagoon along with the rain storm at the end!!

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