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Disney Dining Can Be A Wonderful Addition To Your Vacation

Eating at the Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants can add even more magical memories to your vacation. If you don't do your homework though, they can lead to some of your most frustrating vacation experiences as well.

A recent comment to Only WDWorld reminded me that with higher crowd levels and increased popularity of the Disney Restaurants and the Disney Dining Plan, it is more important than ever to plan ahead.

This commentator mentioned that they did not have a good experience trying to eat during two days of the past week, which happened to fall during the busiest season of the year for Disney World besides the week between Christmas and New Year's.

During the busy seasons, planning ahead cannot solve all of your problems, but it can certainly help minimize them.

Table Service Restaurants

It is very important to make reservations ahead of time if you wish to eat dinner at a Disney World table service (sit down) restaurant. During a busy time of the year it is an absolute necessity. Although it may sound crazy that you need to decide which restaurant you are going to eat at 90 days ahead of time, that is when you are able to make dinner reservations. If you are thinking about trying one of the more popular restaurants then the closer to that 90 days prior date you make the reservation, then the better your chances are of getting a reservation during the time you desire. You can make reservations by calling 1-407-939-DINE.

Getting a walk up reservation ranges from difficult to impossible depending upon the night. Even if you were successful in the past without reservations, why leave things to chance? You invest too much money in a Disney Vacation, just take the extra time to make your dinner reservations and don't risk not being able to eat at the restaurant of your choice.

Counter Service

The counter service restaurants can also get crowed during the lunch hour. A key is to eat a little earlier or later than the normal Noon to 1:00 pm lunch time. Also avoid places that are near the exit of a large attraction just letting out. Find places a little more off the beaten path and your chances of getting served quickly increase dramatically.

Eating at the Disney World Restaurants can greatly enhance the vacation experience. If you have children, the Character Dining Meals bring many memorable moments and cherished pictures to populate your scrapbooks.
Nobody enjoys waiting in long lines for their food during a long enhausting day. Although you may be having a wonderful time, waiting in line when you are hungry is not fun.
  1. Planning ahead is your best defense.
  2. Choose your sit down restaurants well in advance a make reservations as close to the 90 day prior mark that you can.
  3. For the counter service locations, avoid the busiest time of day, especially the places that are in high traffic areas. Find a place a little off the main path and the crowds diminish greatly.
Let the dining experience enhance your trip, and not diminish it, by planning ahead.


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