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The Magic of Details Bring Realism to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort the details bring out the magic that separates it from all other mere amusement parks.

Earlier I posted about some of the details seen in the Asia section of Disney's Animal Kingdom: http://www.onlywdworld.com/2009/03/disneys-animal-kingdom-makes-you.html

Shown here is one of these little details that helps tell the back story of this building also in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom.

This simple sign tells you that this building that now houses the Yak and Yeti restaurant has been a part of the mythical village of Anandapur since June 8, 1924. The sign was posted by the Ministry of Economic Development.

If you look closely in the above picture, the small sign from the first picture is on the right side of the entrance doorway, below the Yak & Yeti Restaurant sign.

Although you may know that the building was actually constructed in the last two years, the "story" for the region has it being a long standing part of this area's history.

Little by little, layer by layer these special details tell the story of the realm that you are visiting. As a guest you can choose to take in as much or as little as you wish.

The more time that I spend in the various parks at Disney World, the more of these wonderful details that I happen to notice. There is much to see that is never noticed by the typical guest.

You may not notice all of the details that are there, but you would surely notice if they were not there.

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