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With a Trip To Plan, My Life Now Has Purpose Again

After my October trip to Walt Disney World with my wife, I was kind of experiencing Disney withdrawal. I had completed my trips for the year and I didn't have a next trip planned to start to look forward to. This is a dire predicament for an addict like myself. I needed the reassurance that another trip will be coming.

My family has a busy schedule with two children ages 9 & 11 and their full plate of activities. After looking at the calendar for 2009, my wife had even mentioned the unthinkable, "How about we just skip going to Disney World for a year." I knew that this wouldn't do, but I had yet to come up with a solution.

Finally my wife saw that the 2009-2010 calendar for my children's schools were posted on-line. She saw that the start date was late enough in August that we could fit a trip in before they returned to school.

Hope was starting to return and my attitude improved. I checked the calendar and started the process of figuring out exact days that we would go and where we could stay. We normally try to avoid the heat of August, but these dates were late enough that the crowds start to subside and the lines won't be as long.

Although Disney World has many wonderful festivals and special celebrations during the year, the key is finding dates that your family is able to attend and enjoy the vacation. As you children get older, you will find that your choices may revolve more around school and activity schedule than the Disney World schedules. Fortunately, you can have a wonderful and successful trip to Walt Disney World during any time of the year. It just takes some upfront planning, and visiting sites like this one to get some helpful insight and tips to get the most out of your trip.

This morning I called the Disney Vacation Club member services and made our reservations at the Animal Kingdom Villas for August 15th - 21st. Our first choice of room type was all booked up, but we were able to get our 2nd choice and put ourselves on the waiting list for our first choice.

Life is much better now knowing that I have a reservation for a Disney World trip confirmed. My life now has a purpose again as I can actively plan for another trip. I even have an idea how I can fit in a shorter trip around Christmas, but that can wait for the moment.

In the upcoming months, I will be updating this site with the planning process that we go through as we obtain our tickets and make dining reservations. This will be our first trip where both of our children will have officially moved to the "adult" status in the eyes of Disney. This will present some challenges as we think about using the dining plan and hope that our youngest will eat enough to make it worth while.

Happy New Year to all of you, and I hope you will have the opportunity to plan a trip for 2009 to Disney World as well.

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