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First Time Tips - Arrival Day

Today I will present another topic in the series of First Time Tips, the Arrival Day.

It is important that you consider your arrival day when planning your vacation. Time is money as the old saying goes, so you want to be able to maximize the value out of your Arrival Day.

The time of day that you arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort will determine your Arrival Day game plan. If you have the option you want to arrive as early as possible.

If I am flying I try to arrive in the morning. If we are driving, we arrange our trip so that we drive most of the way the night before and get close enough that we can drive to Disney World and arrive before noon on our official arrival day.

The Magic Your Way park tickets are such that any day beyond 4 is virtually free on the multi day tickets, so it makes sense to arrive early enough so that you can spend at least part of the arrival day in the parks. Years ago it was not this way, so you hated to "waste" a day of your tickets for a few hours. Since this is no longer the case do not be afraid to go to the parks even for just a couple of hours on your Arrival Day.

Depending upon the Disney Resort that you are staying at your official check-in time is either 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm, but this does not mean that you want to wait until then to check-in. You can check in to your resort as soon as you arrive, no matter how early it is. Your room may not be available until the official check in time (although occasionally it is), but the important part is that you get access to the privileges that are given to Disney Resort Guests.

The early check in is also helpful if you are participating in the Dining plan, since your room key is used for that as well. Even if you don't have a room, you are allowed to use the pool once you check in, so that can be an option if you pack your swimsuits in your carry-ons and use the locker rooms to change.

If you are flying, you can check your carry-on bags with the resort, so that you do not have to take them to the parks with you if your room is not ready. If you drove, just leave your car parked at your resort, and use the Disney Transportation.

Many people consider the travel day a wasted day, but I always look forward to it. I will usually plan on going to either Epcot which is always open until 9:00 pm or later, or a park that is open late on my arrival day. I usually will avoid the Animal Kingdom, since it is a park that works best if you arrive right at the opening.


So here are the tips in order to make the most of your Arrival Day:

  1. Plan ahead so that you can try to arrive before noon if possible to maximize the day.

  2. Travel wearing clothes that you will be comfortable wearing into the parks.

  3. Check in to your hotel as soon as you arrive to get your room keys. (You may even get some Disney Magic and your room will be ready early). You get your final room key at this point, as well as, all Resort Guest Privileges.

  4. Plan out the rest of your arrival day, which may include: swimming at the resort pool, visiting a park, and dining reservations.

  5. Allow extra time in your plans in case you experience travel delays (no need to cause unneeded stress).

  6. If you visit a park, pick one that is still enjoyable if you arrive later in the day. In my opinion Epcot would be the best choice, although if you have small children, the Magic Kingdom is what they have been waiting to see.

  7. Enjoy the Day! You are at Disney World!

Feel free to leave comments with your favorite Arrival Day rituals.

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