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Plan Your 2009 Trip to Walt Disney World Now

Planning is one the most important keys to a successful trip to Walt Disney World. If you are considering visiting during 2009 and you haven't started the planning process, then you better get started now.

  1. Pick your dates
  2. Look for discounts for your choice dates. Remember to look here for details on current discounts through June 27th: Buy 4 Get 3 Free Deal
  3. Make your Resort Reservations. (Remember that if a better discount comes along later you can call to have it applied to your reservation.)
  4. Make initial plans as to what parks(s) you want to visit on which days.
  5. Make Dining Reservations at 90 days out.
  6. Revise Park Plans based on Dining Reservations that you were able to obtain.
  7. Purchase park tickets ahead of time if you didn't buy them as part of Disney Package (see Undercovertourist links on this website for best deals).
  8. Read up on latest news concerning Disney World attraction closures or special events.
  9. Make list of must sees during trip.
  10. Continue to check this Only WDWorld for updates and helpful advice.
  11. Take trip and have the time of your life.

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