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New Interactive Kim Possible Adventure Coming To Epcot

Disney has always developed and apopted new technologies for their fims and their theme park attractions.

Opening later this month with DVC previews and soon thereafter to the general public, Disney World will be launching the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure in Epcot.

This will be an interactive quest based upon the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible.

The premise is to transform yourselves into secret agents, join Team Possible, and help save the world from super-villains with the help of a high-tech "Kimmunicator".

This adventure is not only for kids, as guests of all ages can participate and become secret agents. You will have the opportunity to join Team Possible at recruitment centers located within Innoventions and on The Odyssey Bridge (between Future World and the World Showcase).

How It Works

Groups of 2 to 4 persons will receive a mission assignment that will send them on one of seven different missions to stop the evil villians.

As they receive their mission the newly annointed secret agents will be given a high tech device to guide them. The "Kimmunicators" are interactive, handheld, cell-phone-like devices that use state-of-the-art technology to will connect agents with a variety of Kim Possible characters. These characters will provide clues to help you along your mission to stop the evil ones.

Your mission may take you to one of seven World Showcase Pavilions: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Japan, France or the United Kingdom. Each pavilion hosts a different mission, so you can go back again and again.

Missions are designed with groups in mind and can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. The Kimmunicators even recognize when a team has broken away from the action and will alter your mission accordingly.

Your mission, for example, may be to rescue the precious Jade Monkey from Lord Monkeyfist and his monkey ninjas. If your mission takes you to Germany you must stop Professor Dementor from using his evil mind-control device to influence world leaders. Again, there are seven different missions in all, so it can provide many fun adventures.

Upon successful completion of the mission the group will experience a secret finale.


This really sounds like a fun way to breathe new excitement into visiting the World Showcase. I would think that this would be excellent for families that their children are getting too old for the Kidcot stations and are looking for more adventure.

I know my family can't wait to check it out during our next trip.


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