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Exploring Disney World's Expedition Everest

The Disney World's Animal Kingdom is now home to Disney's most impressive mountain - Expedition Everest. You may have enjoyed Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Thunder Mountain Railroad, but Expedition Everest is without a doubt the new King of the Mountains.

This amazing level of detail and theming that is apparant in the ride and the pre-ride queue are a testament to the amazing talents and dedication of the Disney Imagineering team.

Not only have they created a top notch thrill ride coaster that goes forward and backward. They have created a village and a mountain and have populated it with real Tibetan artifacts to make you believe you are really about to encounter a yeti.

Any amusement park can add a roller coaster, but it takes the team from Disney to create this incredible experience. Who else would create a mythical yeti museum filled with real artifacts to sell the back story that you are at a base camp and about to board a supply train heading into sacred Yeti territory?

Check out this video from Disney Parks that talks about the creation of this thrilling attraction.

This is just another reason why millions of people continue to travel to Disney World to enjoy their vacation.

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