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Visit Jellyrolls For a Fun Night Out at Walt Disney World

Sometimes it is hard to remember that adults like to have fun at Walt Disney World also. Besides the normal activities there are a number of activities that are geared strictly towards adults on the Walt Disney World property.

Today I will write about Jellyrolls, the Boardwalk's Dueling Piano Bar.

Located at the end of the Boardwalk, Jellyrolls can be reached by either walking out of the International Gateway of Epcot, taking a boat from Hollywood Studios, or taking a Disney Transportation Bus from Downtown Disney or any Park to the Boardwalk Resort. For those of you with your own transportation, you could also drive and park in the Boardwalk parking area.

However you choose to get there, you will be glad you did when you finally arrive.

This past October, while my wife and I took a short trip to Disney World without the children, we decided to visit this place that had always eluded us on earlier trips. So with some trepidation we headed there one night, not really sure what we were getting ourselves into.

There is a $10 cover charge per person, which I considered to be a kind of "commitment fee". Once I paid the fee, I was committed to check this place out.

Inside Jellyrolls, the place is rather sparse and smaller than I expected. There are bars on the extremities to get your favorite beverage and the center is dominated by a small stage with two pianos facing each other. There is a section of tables for people to sit at and a row of stools along the back of the lower level. There are additional standing room only spots in the upper level which is only about 3 steps elevated above the lower level, to improve viewing from the back, I'm sure.

The place wasn't too crowded when we got there after watching the Epcot fireworks from the Boardwalk, so we were able to get a drink and grad a stool on the lower level. Then we proceeded to be entertained by the very talented piano players/singers.

They took turns playing requests and entertaining the crowd with their witty banter. I was quite amazed at the number of songs that they performed well. The regulars in the crowd sang along to some of their favorites, including a rousing rendition of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline. The crowd grew as the evening progressed and by 11:00pm it was pretty full.

I had been to a place with a similar theme elsewhere, but the quality of the singers here was far superior. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the quality of talent that Disney would attract.

I can't say enough about how much fun we had that night. I was truly a fun, entertaining evening and I would highly recommend it for an adult night out, without the kids. ( You must be 21 to enter).

So put this one on your list to check out the next time that you get the opportunity. I do not think that you will be disappointed.

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