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OnlyWDWorld's 7 Favorite Disney World Attractions

Here is a list of Only WDWorld’s 7 Favorite Disney World Attractions (in reverse order):

7. Thunder Mountain Railroad - Although this is probably the least touted of the three mountains of the Magic Kingdom, this roller coaster with the runaway train theme definitely deserves to make this list.

6. Soarin - Epcot’s version of the Disneyland attraction takes you on a Hang Glider trip over major Californian landmarks. The experience is relaxing and breathtaking at the same time.

5. Kilimanjaro Safari – Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s simulated 2 week safari through their expansive savannah. The live animals in realistic habitats make this a must see on every trip.

4. Test Track – The fastest ride at Disney World, this Epcot attraction reaches speeds in excess of 60 mph as you proceed through GM’s simulated auto testing grounds.

3. Toy Story Mania – The newest feature attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios takes the shooting games to the next level and then some. In one word: Awesome! As a bonus: The regular waiting cue features the most complex audio-animatronic character ever developed – Mr. Potato Head!

2. Expedition Everest – Disney’s newest and tallest mountain, located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom combines incredible theming and storytelling with a thrilling roller coaster that begs to be ridden over and over. Don’t forget to watch out for the Yeti!

1. Tower of Terror – What’s not to love about Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ 13 story elevator style attraction with multiple, totally randomized drop sequences, so each ride is unique!

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