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Top 7 Attraction Queues at Disney World

A large part of the magic that is Walt Disney World comes from the storytelling and the great attention to detail that is used in and around each attraction.

Today, I am going to list (in reverse order) Only WDWorld's Top 7 Attraction Queues at Disney World. These are the attractions before the attractions. The theming and exhibits that you notice while you are waiting in line or on your way to board your ride. These are the areas that present and sell the background stories. These are the areas that Disney spends more money on and does better than any other amusement park chain in the world.

So here goes Only WDWorld's Top 7:
7. Star Tours – Starting with the full scale AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) Walker located outside the entrance of the building, you get the sense that you are entering the world of Star Wars. Upon entry into the building you see the transport shuttle and R2D2 and C3PO. Further along the queue you continue to see a variety of droids and robots. When you are finally outside of the ride vehicle you receive a briefing video that again reinforces the feeling that you are part of the world of Star Wars further enhancing the experience.

6. Haunted Mansion – This attraction queue certainly sets the stage for what is to come. You are instantly put in the mood by the cast members that greet you as you enter the queue line. The outside portion of the line has tombstone markers that are enjoyable to read. Once you enter the building you are taken to the now famous stretching room, where you are introduced to the Haunted Mansion and given your initial scare. It took many trips before I could actually get my children past this part of the queue to experience the actual ride.

5. Test Track – You are fully immersed in a GM auto testing facility and you see the elements that go into the testing and design of new cars. The focus of the variety of durability and safety/crash related testing, with full scale representations of the testing equipment. The preshow sets the stage to remind you that you are in an automobile testing facility and the tests that cars go through.

They went all out in putting this together and used a large space to demonstrate all of the testing equipment.

4. Toy Story Mania – Hollywood Studio’s newest attraction has shrunk you down to toy size as the ride queue takes you on a winding tour of Andy’s room. Disney spent a great deal of effort putting this together and it is really quite amazing. The Mr. Potatohead “Barker” character is the most advanced audio-animatronics figure ever built. You have to remind yourself that this is just the attraction queue.

3. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster- The infusion of Aerosmith into this attraction was well done and they do a great job of selling the backstory with this ride queue. Once you enter the building, you think you have entered the offices of G-Force records. You are taken to the recording studio where you will see Aerosmith and Steven Tyler sets the stage for the “Limo Through LA” to get to across town to the concert. The area where you board the limos is also set to look like a back alley.

2. Tower of Terror- The entire building and grounds of this attraction set up the story. Even the landscaping and the purposely aged and dried up fountains outside are there to make you believe this is an old run down, once prominent hotel. Once inside the lobby, you again see wonderful detail to make you believe you are in an aging hotel, where everything seemed to have eerily stopped in time many years ago and just sat and collected dust. You then enter the spooky library and see a television video from Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) that explains what has happened to the Hollywood Tower Hotel and how you are being taken to ….the Twilight Zone. Finally you exit the library and proceed to the realistic looking boiler room to wait your turn to board the service elevator.

1. Expedition Everest – When Walt Disney Imagineering set out to design this attraction, they just weren’t focused upon a roller coater and a audio-animatronic Yeti. They set out to create a mountain and an authentic looking village to “sell the story”.
The resulting attraction is amazing and the queue shows off what Disney is capable of when they want to do it right.

The Imagineers took many trips to the Himalayas to collect artifacts and view the architectural styles of the region. They also researched the various legends of the Yeti.
The Disney created village is called Serka Zong, which is supposedly located in the foothills of the Himalayas.

As the story goes, the Himalayan Escapes tour company led by Norbu and Bob, have refurbished a steam train and are using it to transport trekker to their base camp, using a shortcut that passes though the “forbidden mountain” that is guarded by the mythical yeti.

As you make your way through the queue you will see authentic artifacts from the region and a multitude of trekking items used. You will also pass through a yeit museum of sorts that tells of the legend of the yeti and report of a lost expedition that may have run into the yeti during their attempt to cross the forbidden mountain.

The detail truly is wonderful and as mentioned earlier most of the artifacts are authentic from the region. You are fully immersed in the story. The whole attraction was very well done and the results are amazing.

Honorable Mention:
Others that garner honorable mention include: Kali River Rapids, Stitch’s Great Escape, The Great Movie Ride, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Mission Space, Soarin’, and The Living Seas.

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