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First Time Tips - Disney Restaurant Research

When you visit Walt Disney World, dining can be one of the best or one of the worst parts of your trip. I hoping with the tips that I am providing today and through other posts, I can help make it one of the best.

I have written earlier about the Disney Dining Plan and the benefits it has. For a first time visitor, the pre-paid dining definitely helps keep your trip on budget and their are times of the year, where Disney will include the Dining Plan for free as part of a package.

The topic I wanted to discuss today is determining whether a certain restaurant is right for your family. Besides the recommendations of others, some times it is just nice to know what is on the menu and what the prices are for a particular restaurant.

While today I am going to help you do even better than that! I am going to provide two links that each give you a list of each of the on-property Disney Dining locations, including counter service and snack carts. They also have full listing of menu items and prices for each location.

They are:

Both sites have basically the same menu information, and get updated fairly regularly.

By having this information available to you when you are trying to plan where you may eat is a tremendous benefit. This is especially helpful if you have a picky eater in the family.

So give it a try! Pick a location that you have been thinking about eating at and look up it's menu. Hopefully the menu will have something that appeals to you and your family.

The research will not make the food prices any lower, but you will know what to expect and what to budget for if you do choose to eat there.

This is another case where planning ahead can definitely make your Disney World experience go much smoother. It will also make you a hero to your family for choosing the perfect place to eat every time!

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