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Finding Nemo the Musical at Disney's Animal Kingdom

One of the most recent additions (debuting in 2006) to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom is the Finding Nemo the Musical Show.

Finding Nemo is housed in the Theater in the Wild, which has been totally remodeled from the days that it held the Tarzan Rocks show. The theater is now totally enclosed and is also air conditioned, which is great on a hot day at the Animal Kingdom. The theater is located in Dinoland on the way to Asia and Expedition Everest.

The show itself is a wonderful, high quality musical interpretation of the animated classic Finding Nemo. It is a condensed retelling of the movie version. The 30 minute performance marks the first time that Disney has made a musical stage show from a non-musical feature movie.

The sets use a combination of live actors and puppets that are colorful and amazing. All of the songs that are sung were created just for this show.

During the show you will see all of your favorite scenes and characters. Just like the movie, I believe that Dorie, the fish with no short term memory, is hilarious and steals the show.

I have had an opportunity to see the show three times now and I truly enjoy it. It is without a doubt the best live show at any of the Disney World Parks right now. This is definitely a must see for your visit to the Animal Kingdom. It is a show that all ages will enjoy.

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