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Tips for First Time Visitors - Disney World Bus System

This is the first a in a series of blog articles that are tailored to those of you that are looking to visit Walt Disney World for the first time or stay at a Disney World Resort for the first time.

If you are staying on the Disney World Property, then odds are you will be using the Disney Bus system to get around during your vacation.

Disney’s fleet of over 230 buses do a great job of getting people around the 47 square miles of the Walt Disney World Property.

Each resort that is served by the bus system has 5 different buses coming every 20-30 minutes to take people to each of the 4 Theme Parks and Downtown Disney. The two Disney water parks can also be reached through the bus system (Typhoon Lagoon on the Downtown Disney bus and Blizzard Beach on the Animal Kingdom bus).

To get where you want to go, start out at the bus stop for your resort. The larger resorts have multiple bus stops, so that you only have a couple minute walk to your nearest bus stop.

The buses are clearly marked with the electronic signs as to their destination. You board the bus that is going to your destination of choice.

When you are dropped off, the bus driver will tell you where to go to pick up the bus to get back to your resort. There are also signs in case you forget.

When you want to return to your resort, you go to the designated bus area and catch your bus back to your resort. They make the process very simple. There really is no need to drive once you arrive at your Disney resort.

The pictures show examples of a bus stop at the Saratoga Springs Resort, a return stop at the Magic Kingdom and a return stop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Never fear, you can easily master the Disney Bus system and take advantage of this free service that you are entitled to by staying at one of the Disney Resorts.

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