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One of Epcot's Best Kept Secrets - Club Cool

Today I am going to share with you one of Disney World's Best Values.

At Epcot's Club Cool sponsored by Coca-Cola, located next to Innovations West is a great value and under publicized attraction.

This attraction was originally called Ice Station Cool, but was remodeled and renamed in 2005.

The basic premise remains the same: Coca-Cola gives free, let me say that again: FREE samples of different soft drinks from around the world.

The current line-up includes:

Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique, Fanta Colita from Costa Rica, Beverly from Italy, Mezzo Mix from Germany, Vegita Beta from Japan, Kinley from Israel, Lift from Mexico, & a watermelon based drink from China.

My favorite is the Mezzo Mix and my kids like the Watermelon drink from China. Most people have stated that their least favorite is the Beverly from Italy.

Regardless which one is your favorite, you have found a free refreshment station in Epcot that rarely has a long line. This is a great place to stop on a hot day to cool off and have a couple of free beverages before you move on.

There are very few free opportunities within Disney World, so make sure you take advantage of this one.

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