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Disney's Hollywood Studios Presents: Lights, Motors, Action!

Today's blog is about the exciting stunt show at Disney World's Hollywood Studios: Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show.

This show was originally created for Disney Studios Paris and came to Orlando in 2005. A special 177,000 sqft set and 5,000 seat theater was especially constructed to house this attraction.

The backstory of the attraction is a behind the scenes look at high speed auto chases and car stunts.

The customized Opals that are driven are very impressive. They were rebuilt from the ground up for the show. They have motorcycle engines and special bump shift transmissions with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears. They also have a special emergency brake that automatically releases to allow for the special spins and manuevers that they perform.

They complete their many intricately choreographed manuevers in a relatively small space. After seeing this show a half dozen times over the last 3 years, I still get excited when I see the stunts.

They do several jumps over ramps and have cars that land on air bags and then continue on their way.

Motocycles are also incorporated into the jumping act and they have one motorcycle crash into a wall of fire and the driver becomes engulfed in flames.

You will see cars on 2 wheels, high speed chases in reverse, jet ski chases, and explosions. All of the elements that go into a great action movie.

The next time that you go to Hollywood Studios make sure that you check this attraction out.

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