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Epcot - My Favorite Disney World Park

I first visited Epcot in 1984. Ever since that day it has been my favorite WDWorld park.

What initially captured my interest was the attention given to Science and Technology. What has kept my interest is the ever growing palette of attractions, cultures, festivals, live entertainment, and restaurants.

More Than Two Lands
Epcot may not fit Walt Disney’s original vision for an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, but in my mind it has been wildly successful as a departure from stereotypes about amusement parks.

It was laid out as two lands, one based upon Technology and one based upon World Cultures that join together. As Epcot has matured and evolved it has found ways to engage and attract all ages and backgrounds of people.

In Future World, Epcot has a combination of attractions that teach, thrill, & entertain. The stories are told through the use of technology and several scientific disciplines, including: engineering, marine biology, paleontology, & astrophysics. They are presented in such a way that you can choose your own balance of science and entertainment you take away from that day’s visit.

The World Showcase leaves the technology and machines behind and focuses on people and their rich heritages and cultures. By touring the World Showcase, you can see, taste, and imagine that you are truly visiting these far away countries. One of the best experiences is talking to the Cast members to learn more about their native countries.

The World Showcase also has a multitude of live entertainment performing regularly. These acts are often reason enough to come spend a day at Epcot.

Epcot has also become home to two very popular festivals during the year: the Flower and Garden Festival usually held from April until the end of May, and the Food and Wine Festival usually held from late September until mid-November.

I will often schedule my vacations so that I will be able to attend one or the other of these festivals.

The Flower and Garden Festival transforms the park into a land of lavish topiaries and flowers. This is combined with a series of informational seminars on landscaping and gardening. It is capped off with special musical performances each night that are free to any Epcot visitor.

The Food and Wine Festival is a must see for adults looking for a get away vacation. Although it can be enjoyed with children, there are many daily free wine tasting seminars that children may not attend. The festival has over 25 booths set up around the World Showcase that have appetizer sized portions of food and wine/beer from various locations around the world. This festival also features nightly musical performances that are free to any Epcot visitor.

Christmas Holiday
Epcot also does Christmas with a flair towards representing the cultures of the represented countries. Disney does a wonderful job with the lighting and the decorations are beautiful. The nightly Candlelight Processional with live orchestra and choir is an inspiring way to get into the Christmas spirit.

My Favorite Place
I have probably visited Epcot over 50 times during my 20+ vacations to WDWorld. I still thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the variety of activities and experiences realized while visiting.

Epcot is the place that I imagine that I am when the stress of the real world builds up.

….you know… walking around the World Showcase, sipping a beer, and listening to Off-Kilter….I can feel the stress melting away already…


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    I agree. I was fortunate enough to be at EPCOT on opening day and have shared the experience with my family and friends through hundreds of visits since then. I've also now started sharing it on the web through my blog at www.EPCOTblog.com I call it "The EPCOT Online Community of Today". Check it out.

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