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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor Brings Comedy to the Magic Kingdom

One of the newest additions to Disney World's Magic Kingdom is the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor located in Tomorrowland.

In order to increase the number of tie-ins that they have to recent animated hits, Disney has added this attraction based upon the recent smash Monsters Inc.

The attraction carries on where the movie left off. If you are not familiar with the movie, the basis story is as follows: a world of Monsters visits the human world in the night to scare children and collect their screams to provide a power source for their world. At the conclusion of the movie they discover that laughter is a far more powerful energy source so they are in the process of changing over from scare tactics to comedy.

The attraction is based in a large theater. The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is a comedy club where the Monsters tell jokes to get the laughs needed to generate the needed power. They use the technology developed for Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot to have the Monsters Inc. characters interact with the audience. During the performance in which Mike Wazowski, the green one eyed character voiced by Billy Crystal, serves as the "Monster of Ceremonies", chosen people from the audience interact with the animated characters on the screen.

The show is enjoyable and the jokes are such that they are funny for all ages. Roz carries on her feud with Mike and that leads to humorous banter interjected throughout the performance. Audience members are actually encouraged to text message jokes during the pre-show time and they may be included during the performance.

Because of the audience participation and the level of interaction that occurs, no two performances are alike. This allows for many repeated viewings without having to hear the same jokes over and over again.

This is an attraction that is fun for all ages. Even through Monster is in the title it is not scary and is suitable even for the youngest of visitors.

I would definitely recommend checking out this attraction during your next visit to the Magic Kingdom.

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