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7 Reasons You Must Visit Pandora - The World of Avatar at Disney World

The newest addition to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is not just a new attraction, but rather an entire new land as part of a massive expansion project that had been in the works for several years.  It is open now and here are 7 Reasons Why you MUST visit Pandora - The World of Avatar:

1. Pandora is home to the Best Attraction/Ride at Disney World

Disney World's new best attraction is called Avatar Flight of Passage and it has soared to the top of the Disney Must Do List.  This incredibly well-themed attraction takes you into the world of the Na'vi, links you with an Avatar, and allows you to ride on the back of a Banshee for an experience you will not soon forget.

This is the FastPass that you definitely want to get as Stand-By Line waits are consistently in the 2-3 hour range.

2. The theming is amazing (and very photogenic)!

The Valley of Mo'ara, as it is known, takes immersive theming to a new level for Disney World thanks to Joe Rohde and his team of talented Imagineers.  From floating mountains to flowers, plants, and animals this land is nothing like anything you have seen before.  Through the winding paths you will discover numerous opportunities to explore the scenic wonders and capture incredible photographs.

With scenery like this it is not difficult to imagine that you truly have transported yourself to Pandora!

3. The most awesome audio animatronic figure ever created lives here!

Within the Na'vi River Journey you will have the opportunity to discover a breakthrough in audio animatronic technology.  The Na'vi Shaman moves and sings in a manner that will have you memorized.  This is a long way from the original Tiki birds!

4.  There are some really cool drinks here

At the Pongu Pongu Outpost you will find some cool looking drinks to explore.  Whether you try the non-alcoholic Night Blossom that mixes limeade with apple and desert pear topped with passion fruit boba balls or the more potent Mo'ara Frozen Margarita with Sauza Commemorativo Anejo Tequilla with strawberry and blood orange flavor topped with strawberry boba balls, you will discover an exotic drink that tastes as good as it looks.

For fun you can also try the Hawkes' Grog Ale that is green in color and not just for St. Patrick's Day.

5. The food at Satu'li Canteen is really good.

For a totally different theme park dining experience you can try the food at the Satu'li Canteen.  Featured menu items include a "build your own bowl" concept where you pick your choice of Protein (Slow roasted grilled beef, wood-grilled chicken breast, sustainable fish fillet, or chili-spiced crispy fried tofu), Choose your Base (Quinoa & Vegetable Salad, Mixed whole grains & rice, Red & Sweet Potato Hash, or Romaine & Kale Salad), Finally you choose your sauce to complete the bowl (Charred Onion Chimichurri, black bean vinaigrette, or creamy herb dressing).

6. The place looks totally different at night and becomes even more awesome.

At night the Valley of Mo'ara comes alive and appears (and sounds) differently than the day time.  It makes a great reason to come back to enjoy the different look and feel of the land.  Also great Photopass opportunities to capture memories of your family in Pandora.

7.  Cool gift shop with Banshees!

The special banshee souvenir was the talk of the Disney fans as soon as this land opened. They sold out instantly every time they were restocked.

Although they are a little easier to obtain if you visit now, they are still really cool and definitely worth checking out.  You will also find a lot of other amazing items unique to Pandora at the Windtraders shop.

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