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Star Wars Weekends Feel The Force Premium Package Review

One of the ways to make the Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios even better is to add the Feel The Force Premium Package!  This special package allows Star Wars fans a way to get closer to their favorite characters and celebrities without spending all of their time waiting in lines.

Feel The Force Premium Package!

The Star Wars Weekends Feel The Force Premium Package that we tried out for this review included 3 main benefits:

  • Preferred viewing location for the Legends
    Of The Force Motorcade, which is the special daily parade that includes the 501st Legion and all of their fantastic members in Star Wars Costumes, Disney Star Wars Characters, and Star Wars Celebrities.  The special reserved location also includes unlimited: Ice Cream Treats, Popcorn, Soft drinks, and bottled water.
  • Special FastPass and viewing location to one of the special Star Wars Weekend Shows during the day.  We chose the Legends of the Stars Talk Show that features host James Arnold Taylor interviewing the Star Wars Celebrities that are visiting that weekend.  Our review weekend featured Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok) & Silas Davis (Nute Gunray).
  • Special Star Wars Themed Dessert Party and preferred viewing area for the end of day closing show with the Star Wars Characters and the Symphony in the Star Wars themed Fireworks show.
Cost for the Premium Package is $69 per adult of $39 per child (ages 3-9).

Review of Feel The Force Premium Package

Star Wars Weekends is one of our favorite Disney World Special Events and we enjoy that the majority of Star Wars Weekends can be enjoyed with normal admission to Disney's Hollywood Weekends on the Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the 5 weekends of the event.  That being said, SWW has become wildly popular and crowds are large during this event.  If you are more than just the casual observer then you may enjoy the extra privileges that the Premium Package affords you.

The special viewing area of the Legends of the Force Motorcade certainly allowed for great views without camping out for hours.  Although we arrived to the special viewing area approximately 45-50 minutes prior to the parade and were still about 3 rows deep for viewing.  The biggest benefit here was the refreshments that were plentiful  and much enjoyed in the hot Florida sun.  This made waiting for the parade quite enjoyable.  We also had access to move near the main stage after the parade had passed by to get close viewing of the characters and the celebrities.

The special seating for the Star Wars Show was excellent, but not a lot better than what we could get for a similar wait in the stand by line  If you are willing to get there early great seats for every show is available in the newly position theater.  They used the large theater that normally house the Beauty and Beast Show which made the Star Wars shows accessible to much larger audiences.

The Star Wars Themed Dessert Party was excellent.  The was a great way to cap off a long day and the Star Wars Themed desserts were unique and tasted great.  We did not care for the included alcoholic drink options and quickly switched to bottled water as the preferred drinks for the evening.  This was certainly a big disappointment.  A simple beer and wine selection would have gone over much better.  All other aspects of the dessert party went off without a hitch.  The desserts were plentiful and were constantly being replenished.  There were also multiple tables from which to select desserts so that guests never had to wait in long lines  The viewing of the stage show was excellent and the fireworks were amazing.

Most frequent Disney World visitors know that Disney's Hollywood Studios does not have fireworks on a regular basis, so seeing them here is a special treat that was certainly enjoyed by all in attendance

Review Summary

The Feel The Force Premium Package is not cheap at $69 per adult  Although we would have preferred the price to be about $20 less, we enjoyed the special extras that this package added to our Star Wars Weekends experience.  A lower price point would make it an absolute MUST Do, but a higher price point would most likely lead us to not recommend it to others.  At the current price point we thought it was great fun, but make sure you can take advantage of all of its features before paying the steep price of the package.

Remember that the Legends of the Force Parade, the Star Wars Shows, and the Symphony in the Sky Fireworks are ALL included in the normal price of admission.  The FTF PP only gets you better views and snacks and desserts.

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