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Scandal At Magic Kingdom Peoplemover!

Peoplemover model with Hidden Mickey on Belt
If there is anyone to blame it would have to be Steven Barrett, not for the scandal, but for making us aware that something had changed.  He is better known as the Hidden Mickey Guy and he has let Disney World fans know where various Hidden Mickey shapes exist throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

2014 version without stockings!
It is because of Steven Barrett that I ever paid attention to the futuristic hair salon scene on the Peoplemover attraction that was formerly known as the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority (TTA) in the Magic Kingdom.  Steven called out the fact that on the belt of the woman that was getting her hair done, there is a red belt buckle that shows a Mickey Mouse silhouette in black.

Before 2014 version of Model
For the longest time I have sought to take a clear picture of this Hidden Mickey.  Being the fact that the ride moves quickly past this area with reduced lighting, it has been a challenge to get a clear picture.  The challenge was documented in the post: Finding The Hidden Mickeys on the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority (TTA)

I consider this to be my Moby Dick or White Whale of a challenge to get a good picture, so I am always paying attention for no good reason.  On the most recent trip I noticed a difference for the model.  She is no longer wearing the stockings that have been part of her wardrobe for many years.
2014 Style Change to Peoplemover model

Was this a conscientious decision? or just a change that the Disney Cast Members didn't think anyone would notice? Are bare legs more fashionable in 2014?

I will let you be the judge.  Was this a purposeful change due to current fashion, or an unintended slip up?

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