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Disney World Dining: Columbia Harbour House

If you are looking for lunch or dinner in the Magic Kingdom and are not in the mood for a burger you may want to try this often overlooked restaurant that we consider a Disney World Hidden Secret.

Columbia Harbour House

Nestled deep within the Magic Kingdom straddling Fantasyland and Liberty Square Columbia Harbour House provides one of the best Disney Quick Service Dining options without the fanfare or the crowds.

The main entrance can be found along the Liberty Square portion of the building opposite the entrance to the Haunted Mansion.  Once inside, you will discover that this restaurant is surprisingly large.

Disney World Secret Tip: Try the upstairs seating,  It is typically not very crowded and can provide a nice break on a busy day in the Magic Kingdom.

The menu is provides several different Seafood options, as well as, vegetarian, and chicken.  One of the signature items is the fried shrimp platter with fries and cole slaw (pictured above.) Another favorite is the Lobster Roll.

A personal favorite is the Grilled Salmon with couscous and steamed broccoli. This is certainly not your normal theme park fare.  It is also one of our recommended Top Choices for using a Quick Service Dining Credit when using the Disney Dining Plan.

Also you will find a selection of salads, sandwiches (Try the Lighthouse Sandwich with Hummus or the Anchors Away with White Tuna), soups, and what Seafood Fast Food Restaurant doesn't offer a Fried Fish platter.

Liberty Square Or Fantasyland?

One of the most interesting aspects of the Columbia Harbour house is the unique architecture for the building.  The reason it is unique is the fact that it actually sits in two different Magic Kingdom Lands.  The above picture shows how the building looks from Liberty Square.

As you turn to the left to head towards Fantasyland you see the view of Fantasyland is blocked by the creative use of having the building cross over the walkway, thus limiting the view.

After passing through the "tunnel" and exiting on the Fantasyland side you can look back and see the other side of the Columbia Harbour House.  All of a sudden instead of seeing American - New England Coastal town, you have transported to a European village.

Upon further inspection the restaurant has a completely different look from the Fantasyland side, but seamlessly makes the transition.  This happens so smoothly that many people never even notice.  Make sure you take an extra minute or two during your next trip to check out the great details of both personalities of the Columbia Harbour House.

Disney World Quick Service Must Do!

Columbia Harbour House is definitely a must do Disney Quick Service Restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Whether you are using the Disney Dining Plan or not this is still a good place to get a good meal and escape the crowds.  Put this on your list for your next Disney World Vacation!

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