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Ultimate Disney World Experiences: The Great Movie Ride Dinner

For fans of the Walt Disney World Resort it takes a lot to consider an event to be an Ultimate Disney World Experience.  When it comes to the folks at Disney, they are constantly delivering incredible experiences for guests to enjoy.  That being said, there are still events that stand out from the rest and are truly remarkable experiences that even the fans who have done it all come away amazed.

One such event is The Great Movie Ride Dinner at Disney's Hollywood Studios, brought to you by the staff at Tables in Wonderland.  As the name implies this event is a dinner that takes place within The Great Movie Ride attraction, done only as Disney can do it.  Presented only a couple of times a year to a very limited number of people, this has truly become one of Disney World's Ultimate Experiences that we at Only WDWorld have been fortunate enough to enjoy firsthand.

Let's go inside this incredible event and share all that takes place.

This 2 1/2 hour experience, which goes all too fast, starts by congregating outside the entrance of The Great Movie Ride attraction after it has been shut down to the general public.  Only those lucky enough to obtain a ticket will be allowed in.


We were met by the great Alberto Dante, who would be our host for the evening.  He introduced himself and told us what to expect for the evening.  He stayed in character throughout the evening and made a wonderful host.

Shortly thereafter we were allowed to enter The Great Movie Ride.  This is where we knew we were in for a special experience as you may notice that there are no ride vehicles in use.  We were going to get to walk into the attraction.


We were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted.  Although the lighting was still its normal dim, they turned out much better than those from a moving vehicle.


Once we arrived at the set of the Ganster movie scene, the party really began.  Here, drinks and appetizers were served and we were entertained by roving gangsters that performed for us and interacted with the guests. 

The only regret is that we were only here for around 45 minutes before we were asked to move along by our host Alberto Dante, known as Al Dente to his friends.  Fortunately we were not going to travel far, only moving on to the Western Set for our dinner.



There was assigned seating, as you were placed at tables of 10.  The conversation was fun as you defintely had something in common with the others, by being huge Disney World fans.  The dinner had a western band performing while the dinner was being served.  There was also roving entertainers who interacted with each of the tables.

The food was absolutely amazing.  It was presented in 3 courses: Appetizer, Salad, and Entree.  The menu included: Creamy Free Range Yard Bird Corn Chowder with Ciabatta Bread, Wild Greens and Herbs with Castus Cilantro Vinagrette with Beet Tumbleweeds with Mandarin Rice Wine Marinade, Poblano Barbeque Braised Beef Short Rib with Tobacco Onions, Smoky Cheddaer Potatoes Gratin, Black Skillet Roasted Baby Green Beans with Mushrooms and House Made Fire Roasted Coarn Bread.

Again time flew by and we were entertained by our host and then asked to move along to our next location.  This time we had the opportunity for a longer walk to make our way to the Wizard Of Oz set for dessert.

Numerous photo opportunities emerged as we walked through the sets of the famous movie sets that are immortalized in The Great Movie Ride attraction.


The dessert phase of the dinner certainly did not disappoint.  The setting was remarkable, as were the desserts.  Again there was entertainment provided as you enjoyed sampling the sweets.  The good witch even had a showdown with the wicked witch of the west before the night was over.

Finally our time was up and it was time to go.  This must have been the fastest 2 1/2 hours in history!  Although the experience was expensive, it truly deserves to be called one of the Disney World Ultimate Experiences.  This dinner delivered everything expected and so much more.

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