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Disney World Topiaries Are Star Of Epcot International Flower & Garden Show

Over 100 different topiaries can be found throughout Epcot during the International Flower & Garden Festival that runs from March 7 - May 20, 2012.  This Disney World tradition showcases the remarkable talents of the Disney Horticultural Staff as they come up with new and improved topiaries for each year's Festival.

Winnie The Pooh fans will love seeing this fanciful representation of everyone's favorite resident of the Hundred Acre Wood

Not too far away from Winnie The Pooh you can find his friends Piglet & Eeyore.

Tigger always brings a smile to my face.

Rabbit certainly looks at home in the garden with that excellent bunch of carrots.

Some of Disney's best known characters can also be seen in topiary form.  Above you can see Daisy Duck.

Donald Duck can't wait for you to take his picture!

This is an adorable scene with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, & Pluto flying a kite during a picnic lunch.

There are plenty of Disney Princesses to be found skillfully recreated as topiaries.  Here you find not only Snow White, but the seven dwarfs as well.

Aurora dances through the flowers with Prince Phillip.

The characters from the Disney Animated Classic Peter Pan come to life in this scene.  Here you see Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Tick-Tock the crocodile.

Although she is not in the scene with Peter Pan, don't feel sorry for Tinkerbell.  She has her own Pixie Hollow area where you will find Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends amongst some very beautiful gardens.

Lady and The Tramp have been wonderfully transformed into topiaries amongst this stunning container garden.

Aladdin welcomes you to his garden.

The Lion King created many memorable scene like this one with Rafiki and young Simba.

This topiary of Pumba will bring a smile to any face.

Timon is ready for a tasty snack of assorted bugs.

Not all of the topiaries are of Disney Characters.  This topiary scene with the pandas is wonderful and absolutely fits in the China Pavilion at World Showcase.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
Do yourself a favor and make plans to visit Epcot this spring to experience the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.  The topiaries are amazing and they are just a part of all there is to see and experience during the Festival.

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