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No Secrets Given Away At Disney's Animal Kingdom Entrance

The entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is one of the most interesting of any theme park you will ever visit due to the fact that it does not reveal any of the secrets contained within.  Each of the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks are intended to play out like a movie with the entrance setting the stage for what you are about to encounter.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom you are kept in the dark as it pertains to what adventures you will encounter within.  You get a strong sense of the natural setting, but no other details are revealed.

This entrance is so different from the other Disney World Parks that you really do not know what to expect.  Disney Imagineers have done a great job of not revealing what you will find inside the Animal Kingdom.

The lush vegetation dominates the surroundings.  Even the towering Tree Of Life, which is the iconic symbol for the park cannot be seen at the entrance.

One of the strong elements of the "story" of Disney's Animal Kingdom of the power of Mother Nature and that it needs to be respected.  The message that humans need to live in harmony with Nature is intertwined throughout the theming of the park.

Ultimately you proceed inside the park and venture towards the center still without knowing what awaits you.  Finally you reach a clearing where the iconic Tree Of Life becomes visible.  From here you start to get a sense of what is what and the "story" of the park quickly unfolds.

Great Park Entrance
The entrance to Disney's Animal Kingdom is considered amazing by its ability to prevent the Disney World Guest from guessing what might be contained within this park.  This approach to the entrance makes the park unique and adds to the intrigue of visiting.

You are immediately forced to put your focus on Nature and taken away from the man-made materials that dominate the construction of the other parks.  At a park where live animals are the star of the show, Nature deserves to be in the spotlight!

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