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Tune-In Lounge: Adult Oasis At Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Tune-In Lounge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of those places that you can walk by a hundred times and never know that it is there. Disney World does such a good just of creating atmosphere and fake storefronts, especially in Hollywood Studios that many people never give the neon sign above a non-descript door a second glance. Within that door is an Adult Oasis that can provide a wonderful escape and chance to relax during a busy day.

This tiny alcove next to the 50’s Prime Time Café is a fully stocked bar that services patrons waiting to be seated in the restaurant or those who know to venture through its own doorway beneath the neon sign.

The mirrored wall behind the bar makes the size of the space at first appear to be much larger than it is.  Once you get past the optical illusion you realize how intimate the setting is.

Once seated at the bar you can order one of the specialty cocktails with names like:

• Blue “Glo-Tini”
• Dad’s Electric Lemonade
• Mowie Wowie (pictured above)
• Grandma’s Picnic Punch

Each concoction comes one of Dad's "Experimental Electric Ice Cubes." Who said that kids are the only ones that get to have fun.

There is a selection of beers on tap, bottled beers, full bar for mixed drinks, and of course soft drinks.

If you are not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage you can also order one of the 50’s Prime Time Café’s Milkshakes or Malts, including the famous PB&J Milkshake (pictured above.)  

If you have not tried the PB&J Milkshake before and you are a fan of milkshakes, I would highly recommend it.  Also you get a full glass and enough to completely fill the glass again in the metal mixing cup, all for less than the price of one beer!

This air-conditioned respite from the long lines and hot sun is just the break many adults are looking for when they are touring Disney’s Hollywood Studios without children. The bar is first come first serve and the full menu of the 50’s Prime Time Café is available if you care to eat at the bar.

Children are allowed in this area, but typically they are there while waiting for their table to become available in the restaurant.

You can also enjoy the themed waiting area, complete with TV’s and 50’s programming.

During your next trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios make sure you check out the Tune-In Lounge and take the time to relax and enjoy your day at Disney World.

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