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Serka Zong Bazaar At Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Serka Zong Bazaar is not just your average Walt Disney World Resort Gift Shop.  It is a highly themed experience that is part of the story of the town of Anandapur.  The Serka Zong Bazaar also has close ties to the legend of the Yeti and its relationship in the lives of the local citizens.

Serka Zong Bazaar
Almost every visitor to Disney's Animal Kingdom has been to the Serka Zong Bazaar whether they realized it or not.  This is due to the fact that the park's premier attraction: Expedition Everest exits into this shop.  For those of you that rushed your way through, we wanted to share some of the details that you may have missed and want to take notice of during your next visit.

From the outside you will see several signs advertising the items that may be found within this shop.  From Yeti related items to metal and leather work from local artisans, you can find it at the Serka Zong Bazaar.  It is really a gift shop for tourists themed as a "gift shop" for tourists albeit the locale is fictional in the case of the Anandapur bazaar.


Once inside, if you look past the T-shirts you will notice an amazing array of artifacts adorning the walls and ceiling of the Serka Zong Bazaar.

One favorite touch is the crazy electrical wiring that you will see through all of the buildings in Anandapur.


There is quite an array of carved figures located on a shelf above this doorway.

Above is a closer look at some of the figures on the shelf.

At the center of the store is the striking homage to the Yeti.

The imposing Yeti figure towers above everything else in the bazaar.  It is quite detailed and worth a few moments to check it out.

The Serka Zong Bazaar is certainly not your average theme park gift shop.  The theming is worthy of an attraction in itself.  The Disney Imagineers spent a lot of time collecting authentic artifacts from Asia to make the experience even more real.  As you enter the mythical town of Anandapur it becomes very easy to escape the reality of being in central Florida and place yourself in the domain of the Yeti.  You quickly gain an appreciation for the local people's almost reverence in respect to the Yeti.

The detail is not required to make Expedition Everest a thrilling ride, but it is what separates Disney World from any other theme park.  The ability to truly escape and enter another world that you may never otherwise be able to visit, real or imaginary.

Check Out The Serka Zong Bazaar For Yourself
The next time that your visit Disney's Animal Kingdom, make a point of really looking at all of the artifacts that exist within this shop.  You may be amazed to discover that all of this has been here the whole time and you never really noticed it.  This is the Disney World that you should definitely take the time to discover and enjoy.

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