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Voyage Of The Little Mermaid At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Since 1992 the Voyage Of The Little Mermaid has been charming audiences at Disney's Hollywood Studios.   This 15 minute show gives Disney World guests a condensed retelling of the story using black light puppets, lasers, animated film, audio animatronic creatures, and live action singing and acting.

Voyage Of The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid holds a special place in Disney Studios Animated Film history.  It is recognized as the start of the 2nd Golden Age of Disney Animation.  The 1989 classic animated film certainly deserves a prominent place in the Disney World Theme Park that is dedicated to Hollywood and movies.

The experience starts in a light-hearted nautical themed pre-show area.  Throughout the area where you wait to enter the actual theater is a collection of "fictional" nautical items that few people take the time to explore.  They are very funny and worth your time to check out while you are waiting.

The theater itself places the audience in an undersea environment, ready to explore the world of aquatic life and mermaids.

They use lasers, mist, wind and water effects to really bring the audience into the action of the show.

The black light puppetry is amazing.  There are nearly 100 puppets that are used during the show, setting the stage for the action of the animated film that the show is based upon.

Ariel is played by a live actress that sings the classic songs from the film.  She also deals with a huge Ursula that is 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

Ultimately Ariel gets her prince, as she and Eric are reunited.  Ariel's father, King Triton,  is faced with the difficult decision to let his daughter follow her wish and become human.

The show is wonderfully presented and does a great job of retelling the movie in an engaging manner that continues to thrill audiences after 19 years.

Must See Disney World Attraction
The Voyage Of The Little Mermaid is a Must See Disney World Attraction for all ages.  Although it can be too scary for the youngest Disney World guests, this does appeal to a large range of ages.  This show is well done with the mixture of different presentation medias from water effects to puppets to live action.  This show has it all.  Make sure you check it out during your next visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

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  1. My family watched the show and 5 yr old loved it so much. We were impressed by Ursula. It's a fantastic show!

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