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Disney's Dino-Rama Pays Homage To Route 66 Landmarks

Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama, which can be found within Disney's Animal Kingdom, is over-the-top kitschy which is exactly the look they were going for.  In a tribute to the great Tourist Attractions and Landmarks that could be found on Route 66, Disney's Dino-Rama would fit right in.  These signs that we found are a reminder of all of the great Billboards that are used to entice drivers to stop at the upcoming attraction.  There is nothing else like it in all of Disney World.

The signs are great and definitely worth reading during your visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom.   

While you are strolling through Dinoland reading the signs, you can quickly equate them to billboards that are sometimes posted starting 100 miles or more before an attraction just to get you to pull over and stop when you finally drive by.

Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama is a stark contrast to the much more serious Dino Institute that also resides in Dinoland.  The whimsical approach taken by Chester & Hester is their attempt to slightly mock the stuffy Dino Institute and make a profit selling their wares in true roadside attraction fashion.

It seems like no sign within Dinoland is spared from Chester & Hester's advertising.


Finally you reach the main entrance to Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama!  The roadside attraction / carnival atmosphere is maintained throughout the area.  It is not meant to be taken seriously, so just relax and have fun!

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