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With New Star Tours Comes Great New Shirts, Toys, and More

Disney has announced some exciting new merchandise that will be available for the May 20th opening of "Star Tours - The Adventures Continue" at Disney's Hollywood Studios in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Star Wars + Disney = Unbeatable Combination
When two great names like Star Wars and Disney get together expectations run high.  Not only do fans expect great things from the new attraction, but they also expect new merchandise worthy of the Star Wars and Disney names.

If the samples seen here are any indication, we think Star Tours fans are going to be excited with these new toys, shirts and other new Star Tours related items.

The picture shown at the top of the article is a die cast metal set of 6 Starspeeder 1000 models representing the different variations that Disney World guests will ride.  As most fans know since the "new" Star Tours actually goes back in time compared to the first, the Starspeeder 3000 that you are familiar with has been replaced with the earlier model called the Starspeeder 1000.  This set will retail for $22.95.

Star Tours Fans will have a variety of Shirt designs to choose from including the 4 pictured above.

 For those of you who love action figures, they have created “Ambush at Star Tours” and the “Star Tours Travel Agency” action figure sets (both will retail for $39.95 each). The Sky Troopers that are part of the "Ambush At Star Tours" set were specially created just for Star Tours

Countdown to May 20th
These are just a small sampling of what will be available when "Star Tours - The Next Adventure" opens on May 20th at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  That date also coincides with the beginning of the 2011 Star Wars Weekends, so there will be additional Star Wars related merchandise related to that event as well.  All Star Wars fans should be elated at all of the new collectible merchandise that will be available.

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  1. When I was a kid, I always watch every Star Wars movie. We still have those VHS of the movie. By the way, those shirts are amazing, I want to have one of those.

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