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Magic Kingdom At Night: Tomorrowland

One of the amazing aspects of Disney World is that the theme parks take on a totally different personality at night.  Here we will focus on the original Disney World theme park, the Magic Kingdom and more specifically Tomorrowland.

Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland
The land that depicts the "Future That Never Was" takes on a special appearance at night as the neon lights glow, beckoning Disney World guests to explore this stylized world of the future.

More so than any other land at the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland changes when night comes and the lights go on.  The neon glow really helps cement the feeling that you are in a futuristic spaceport.

The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor sign is much more effective at night for drawing attention to this often overlooked attraction.

Even Stitch's Great Escape! becomes more inviting during the night time hours.

During late night hours the lines are short for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  This attraction is a
must do for the entire family when they come to Tomorrowland.

Space Mountain is the signature attraction for Tomorrowland and can have long lines even late at night.  The futuristic styled building looks even more impressive when viewed against the night sky.

The above picture was taken from a vantage point high up in the Swiss Robinson Family TreehouseTomorrowland glows with the neon lights and shows off the impressive Space Mountain.

Two attractions in Tomorrowland dramatically change in terms of rider experience from day to night.  The first is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, otherwise known as the PeopleMover.  Here you are whisked around Tomorrowland with amazing views of the Tomorrowland attractions. as well as, Cinderella Castle.  The lines are always reasonably short and this is an attraction that everyone should experience at night.

The other attraction is the Astro Orbiter.  Perched atop Rockettower Plaza, the Astro Orbiter gives the ultimate night time views of the Magic Kingdom.  Longs can be long, but considering the view, it is worth the wait.  This may not be the most high tech or thrilling attraction, but for an unbelievable look at the neon lighted Tomorrowland along with Cinderella Castle and Main Street, it cannot be beat.

Night time racing at the Tomorrowland Speedway can also be exciting for young drivers.

Don't forget to cap off your night in Tomorrowland by visiting Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe to see everyone's favorite Animatronic lounge singer, Sonny Eclipse.

Tomorrowland Shines At Night
Make sure that you plan to spend at least one night of your next Disney World Vacation at the Magic Kingdom.  The park takes on a different feel and some rides like the TTA PeopleMover and the Astro Obiter are totally different experiences at night.  Tomorrowland above all other Magic Kingdom Lands really shines at night (literally.)  If you want to get the futuristic feel that the Disney Imagineers designed for this land then you must see it at its best, during the night time hours, when it is awash in the neon hues.


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