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Earth Day Marks Disney's Animal Kingdom 13th Anniversary

Earth Day, April 22nd, marks the anniversary of the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort's 4th theme park: Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It debuted on April 22nd, 1998.  There was no coincidence that Disney chose to open their park featuring live animals on Earth Day.  Is was all part of their master plan to not only entertain the Animal Kingdom guests, but to also make Environmental Awareness a large part of the message.

Disney's Animal Kingdom
From the moment you approach the front entrance of Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can tell that this park is different.  The lush green landscaping presents a much different image that what you see at the other parks.  Here the park is truly "alive," teeming with hundreds of varieties of plants in addition to all of the live animals that you will discover.

In honor of this Earth Day, we will present some favorite images of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

 The park icon: The Tree Of Life

 Elephant roams the Savannah

 Tiny baby elephant that was born at the park

 Baby White Rhinoceros

Even the entertainment is themed to the Environment - DeVine 

 Realistic environments were created for the park.

 Kilimanjaro Safaris provides Disney World guests the opportunities to see many African species in natural habitats.

You can also see real "African Cats" like this male lion or cheetahs.

There is a large focus to allow the guests to learn more about the animals that they are viewing. 


 At the Flights Of Wonder Show you will see live animals performing, the focus is showing off their natural beauty and abilities.

Happy Anniversary Disney's Animal Kingdom
While you are celebrating Earth Day 2011, don't forget to wish Disney's Animal Kingdom a Happy 13th Anniversary.!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Happy birthday Animal Kingdom! I remember when it first opened the plants were still young and small, now they have really grown to fit the space!

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