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Rope Drop At Disney's Hollywood Studios

Each morning at Disney's Hollywood Studios a short performance takes place as Disney World guests eagerly await the time that they can head towards their favorite attractions.

Hollywood Studios Park Opening
Shortly before Disney's Hollywood Studios opens (usually at 9:00 AM), Disney World guests are allowed to present their tickets and proceed through the turnstiles at the front gates.

They are then allowed to walk onto Hollywood Blvd and fill the street until it is time for the park to officially open.  This allows park guests to avoid a rush through the turnstiles and keeps things more relaxed.  There is much more space for guests to congregate on Hollywood Blvd.

At about 5 minutes before the park opening you will see some cast members come out in character and interact with the crowd.  Since this is Hollywood Studios they are movie producers, of course, and they are shooting the opening of their production and need a crowd scene with audience participation.

Here is a short video clip showing the "mini-show" that served as the official park opening:

Once the "show" is complete the park is now open and everyone is free to head to Toy Story Mania (literally) to either get in line to ride or get a FASTPASS for later!

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