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NY Jets Fans Treated At ESPN The Weekend

Disney's Hollywood Studios was filled with Sports Stars and Fans during the 2011 ESPN The WeekendNY Jets Fans had a lot to cheer about when Darrelle Revis, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Bart Scott were all on stage together being interviewed by huge Jets fan and ESPN personality Mike Greenberg of the Mike & Mike In The Morning show on ESPN Radio.

The atmosphere was relaxed and you could tell that everyone involved was having a good time.  They even playfully booed a young boy in a Miami Dolphins jersey before he asked his question for LaDainian Tomplinson.

In addition to answering questions from Mike Greenberg, they were able to answer several questions from the Hollywood Studios audience.  Many of the fans were wearing their Jets jerseys and you could tell that they were excited about this opportunity.

Not surprisingly many questions were directed towards Darrelle Revis, the outspoken CB for the Jets, who may well be the best cornerback in the NFL right now.

Darrelle Revis answering a question.

Bart Scott listening intently.

LaDainian Tomlinson giving advice to young athletes.

One great part of the session was that each of these athletes had the opportunity at the end to give their advice to the future stars out there.  They encouraged the youngsters to set goals and stressed hard work and dedication to helping them achieve their goals.

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