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Minnie's Cartoon Country Living In Mickey's Toontown Fair

Minnie's Cartoon Country Living is a magazine that is popular with the residents of Mickey's Toontown Fair.  You could find framed copies of 4 of the issues on the walls of Minnie's Country House.  Each issue features a landmark that you could see in Mickey's Toontown Fair, the 7th land in Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
The Minnie's Country Living Issue shown above features an aerial view of Mickey's Toontown Fair as might be seen by Goofy when he is flying in his Barnstormer.  The cover provides a great look at the layout of Mickey's Toontown Fair with all of the major landmarks included.

Articles featured in issue 41-X include:
  • Goofy Gives You a Crash Course in Flying.  pg 43
  • A Psychiatrist Asks Are you Afraid Of Flying or Just Afraid of Flying With Goofy?  pg 11
  • I Thought The Sky Was Falling, But It Was Just Goofy. by Chicken Little  pg 8
  • Why It's Rude to Just Drop In on Folks!  by Donald Duck.  pg 14

Issue 16-B shows the S.S. Miss Daisy Being Launched!
  • During dedication ceremony Daisy gets a hole in one!  pg 23
  • After months of Work, Donald, Mickey, and Goofy have finished building Donald's Boat  pg 6

Minnie Mouse is recognized as Toon Painter Of The Year in issue 34.6.
  • The Philosophy of Toons Who Paint: "Art Imitates Cartoon Life!"  pg 17
  • New Toon Diet - ERASE THOSE POUNDS AWAY!  pg 7
  • Goofy's Advice for the toon artist: "Paint Yourself Silly!" 
  • Minnie's Editorial: "How To Draw Your Own Conclusions!"  pg 2

The picture that was featured on the magazine cover could also be seen in full size in Minnie's Gallery/Art Studio in Minnie's Country House.

The last issue is number 34.7 that shows Red Barns, The Rowdiest Rooster on Radio! on the Cover.
  • Finally a D.J. that has something to crow about!  pg 4
  • Daisy Races up the charts with her hit single, "Donald Ducked Out On Me!" pg 65
  • WACKY Radio Comes to Toontown!  pg 19
  • How to Convert a Chicken Coop into a Radio Station  pg 44
Much To Be Missed
Minnie's Country House held lots of detail to see and enjoy.  This is one part of Mickey's Toontown Fair that will definitely be missed.  There was so much to look at and take in at Minnie's Country House that no one could catch all of the details in a single visit.

Hopefully as we at Only WDWorld are able to share details that we have captured in pictures you will be able to recall fond memories of your visits to Mickey's Towntown Fair and Minnie's Country House.

We will miss Mickey's Toontown Fair as it closes forever today, February 11, 2011 to make room for new exciting attractions as part of the major expansion of Fantasyland.

Walt Disney himself when speaking about Disneyland, said that: "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."  

The same holds true for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  Although we will always miss the attractions that go away, we can look forward to the new ones that will take their place to spark our imaginations and create new memories.

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